What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is concerned with the study of workers' working conditions and the working environment to see if the workplace has been designed or improved to suit workers, to prevent problems that may affect safety and health at work, and to improve performance.

A simple example is raising the workbench to allow workers to get closer to the object. In addition to working conditions that allow workers to work comfortably and healthily, various factors such as light, noise, temperature, tool design and machine design all play a role.

The risk of musculoskeletal damage can be reduced if workers use the tool in a way that is suitable for ergonomics.

Is an ergonomic chair worth it?

An ergonomic chair is a chair designed according to the principles of human ergonomics, with the goal of keeping everyone's body appropriate and able to sit for long periods of time by reducing injuries to the body as much as possible.

What should you look for when buying a good ergonomic chair?

Take a look at this checklist.

  • Adjustment: the heart of the ergo chair, look for one that can adjust to your body and your desk.
  • Size: many models, many brands, chair sizes to choose from, any clothing S/M/L.
  • Chair Height: Must be 15-22 inches off the floor to allow the front foot to fully touch the floor and the knee to form a 90 degree angle.
  • Chair Width: The standard width is 17-20 inches. The seat should be 1 inch from the edge of the chair on each side.
  • Chair Depth: Deep enough for your back to touch the back of the chair. However, leave a gap between the edge of the chair and your knee, about 2-4 inches, some chairs adjust the cushion. extendable in-out
  • Lumbar support: this is important. You need to be able to adjust the support so that the chair can support our upper back and spine.
  • Backrest: the standard width should be between 12-19 inches and must be designed to support the human body curvature. Helps with blood circulation and reduces the work of the rear suspension system
  • Armrests: Ergo chairs need armrests to reduce the stress on the shoulders. And armrests should be 7-10 inches from the seat cushion.
  • Materials: be sure to pay attention to the production materials. Specifically, the material used to make the backrest and the material used to support the waist.
  • Warranty: high priced chairs Many of them come with a lifetime warranty. Do not forget to check the warranty as well.
  • Price: A Key Factor Let us say the price goes into the thousands from the start. up to six thousand Try to find one that is both suitable for the price. and comfortable to sit and watch.